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HP Gold Partner, Dell
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HP Gold Partner, Dell Authorized Partner, Lenovo PCG
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Lamination Films

We supply both Cold and Thermal Lamination Films in Glossy and Matte. These normally come in sizes (width) of 20, 25, 30,32, 35, 40, 46, 50, 64, 72, 89.5 and 99.5cm.Cold Lamination comes in thickness of 12 microns for Glossy and 15 microns for Matte with a length of 4,000 metres. Thermal Lamination comes in thickness of 25 microns for Glossy and 27 microns for Matte with a length of 2,000 metres. We also supply Gold and Silver metalized films. Our Brands include Max India and VG

Offset Printing Blankets

We are the sole distributors for SAVA Blankets Slovenia. We Supply the Following Types of Blankets: Advantage Plus – Specifically designed for modern sheet-fed
presses Stripping 1 & 2 – Specifically designed for online varnishing units on the modern sheet (fed purposes) WebMaster – Compressible printing blanket with exceptionally neutral feed ratio, suitable for high web presses Advantage UV Dual – A highly universal blanket for
conventional, hybrid & UV applications Advantage Black – UV curing ink on sheet-fed presses Advantage Red – UV curing links on sheet-fed presses

Offset Printing Plates

We supply high-quality Offset Printing Positive as well as CTP Thermal Plates and CTCP. These are available in 0.15mm, 0.20mm and 0.30mm thickness in various sizes depending on the machines.
Custom thickness and sizes are also available upon request

Press Room Chemicals

We sell a wide range of Plate Cleaners, Fountain Solutions, Blanket, and Roller Washes, Plate Developers, Film Cleaners, and Plate gums. Furthermore, we have special chemical products that include Roller Cleaning Paste, Silicon Sprays, Spare Gums, and Ink Driers. Our brands include ECS, Tetenal, Masters, and Eggen

Waterbased Varnish

We supply high-quality Waterbased coatings that help in Gloss and Matte Enhancement, Stain Resistance, Edge Fusion and Scuff Resistance as well as Resistance to Discoloration from absorption of impurities in the environment. We supply (in 200kg drums) Gloss as well as Matte based varnishes from ECS-UK for which we are the official distributors in the UAE

Stamping Foils

We are key suppliers of Bright Star brand Hot Stamping Foils. These are available in Gold, Silver, Color, Holographic, and Pigment shades. The standard width is 64cm and the lengths vary from 60 meters to 1,200 meters

Die Cutting / Making Materials

We are the official distributors for Servitroquel Notting Spain in the UAE. We supply a wide range of Cutting Rules, Creasing Rules, Perforation Rules, Cut-Crease Rules, Wavy Edge Rules, Zipper Rules, Offset Perforation Rules, and Jigsaw Blades. These come in a variety of sizes and toothing combinations.

Dampening Roller Covers

We supply Cotton and Synthetic Dampening Roller Covers. Cotton Dampening Roller Covers which are available in White and Green colors are seamless and long-lasting. The Synthetic Dampening Roller Covers come in Red and are Seamless and Self-Shrinking. Additionally, we supply Elastic Roller Covers for Ductor Rollers. We stock Dampening Roller Covers for most machines in a variety of diameter sizes

Creasing Matrix

We are the official distributors for Channel (C&T) Matrix UK. We supply Steel Based and Plastic Based Matrix which are used for creasing and die making on cylinder machines and hand platens. We have several types of Channel Products available in various sizes, of which include: Chanel Original – Steel Based, mainly used on cylinder machines and hand platens. XTC – Plastic Matrix which is low cost and durable and suitable to use on any type of machine 

Underlay Packing Materials

We supply Packing Blankets of 1mm thickness and Packing Foils of both self-adhesive and non-adhesive. We are also major sellers of Packing Sheets. These normally come in a standard size of 795x1030mm and in various thicknesses ranging from 0.05mm to 0.40mm

Numbering Machines

We supply GTO and Letter Press Numbering Machines as well as spare parts. We provide original products from LEIBINGER, Germany. We supply good quality alternative products as well

Stitching Wire

We supply Galvanized Stitching Wire in 2kg, 15kg, and 90kg on plastic spools. We supply the following sizes: Round Gauges No. – 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 Flat – No. 1 (21×25), No. 2 (21×24), No. 5 (20×23), No 6 (19×21)

Paper and Boards

We supply the following: SYNTHETIC PAPER (70 X 100cm Sheet) Glossy & Matt 130mic & 175mic PAPER STICKER 70 X 100cm Glossy / Matt (100 Sheets/Packet) with or without Slit PVC STICKER White / Transparent with or without Slit


We provide high-quality glues and adhesives. We supply Arobond-Arocryl 155LE Lamination Glue which is available in 25kg. can. Binding Glue (25Kg. can) and Hotmelt Glue (25kg. bag), are also available in Bondex-O and Lamitak brands respectively

Tapes and Adhesives

We supply different types of tapes that include Clear Tapes, Double-Sided Tapes (White/Red), and Extra Strong Tapes. These are available in various thicknesses and sizes ranging from 6mm to 25mm. Our brands include Tessa, 3M and Duplofol


Sheetfed Printing Inks

We are the sole distributors for Dong Yang Inks Korea. We sell the entire range of inks that include 4 Color Process Inks (Regular/Soy Based Inks) , Pantone Inks, Metallic Inks as well as Overprint Varnishes (Gloss and Matte). These come in packaging of 1Kg and 2.5kg tins.

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